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Rural Film Festival - by Asilo Bianco

Rural Film Festival
Second Edition
September 2011
Ameno and Armeno (Novara - Italy)

Corto & Fieno (“Short and Hay”) first edition underlined the importance cinematic representations of rural life in contemporary cinema. Considering the interest aroused by the sights and sounds of rural life, the second edition of the festival intends to raise the cultural area in which to look at, listen to and discuss the films that tell with the relationship between man and his land. The idea is to bring attention to the rural culture, both of our territory and in other parts of the world, to offer it as an example of an innovative strategy aimed at a happy decrease. The film allows you to create moments of knowledge and exchange with other areas and other communities, who want to build a historical memory of their rural traditions through the use of the interview, video and short film.
"Cinema acerbo" (Unripe Cinema) will harness the creativity of film students who choose the rural world as the object of their laboratories for audiovisual productions. The purpose of this section is to draw attention of stakeholders in the school - students, teachers, executives - and the use of cinematic representation is a reflection on the importance of the territory and in particular on the rural.

1- Competition open to everyone

2- Registration for the festival is free. Are borne by the participants all expenses incurred in sending the video documentation.

3- The subject of the film must follow the general theme of the festival, which relate to the life and work of the campaign, and, generally, the relationship between Nature and Man. Are allowed different genres (documentary, fiction, video art).

4- The festival will be held in Ameno and Armeno on September 2011 and will be structured over several days with a series of public events, according to a plan that will be announced in the weeks before the start of the event.

5- The duration of the movie (including titles) shall not exceed 15 minutes. We will accept video both published and unpublished.

6- All selected videos will be presented during the days of the festival in "CINEMA ACERBO Section".

7- The jury will be composed of personalities from the worlds of cinema and culture. At the end of the Festival will be declared the winning work, in addition to the second and third classifieds. Jury’s opinion is not questionable.

8- All participants of the Festival "Corto e Fieno" can contracted with guest accommodation in the area.
9- Copies of the short films received will become part of the festival and will not be returned. 10- There will be prizes for the first three films classified, the amount will be announced in due course on website

11- The videos in DVD format must be received by July 30, 2011 in
duplicate, with entry form for the short film, completed in its entirety (attached to this announcement).
The videos will be sent to:

Associazione Culturale ASILO BIANCO
Via Zanoni 17, 28010 Ameno (NO) Italy
for more information contact: Ersilia Medina –


Movie title
Year of production
Video format (4:3, 16:9, scope)
Produced by(specify the name of the individual, group or association)
Name and surname of the person responsible
Phone number
Plot of the film
(about 5 rows)
Main actors
Director of photography

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